Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What does a vagina taste like?


What does a vagina taste like?
Multiple Answers:

It depends on the girl's diet and health. A "normal" taste is watery with a hint of saltiness. If a girl eats/drinks a lot more sugar than normal, it might be a bit sweeter/more tangy.

Every woman's vagina tastes unique; I think the taste depends on the balance of the woman's hormones and her diet. Some taste a little salty, others may be bitter. Some taste yeasty, but you should know better than to go there.

When you're in the mood and she has your penis in her mouth, you won't really care what it tastes like. You'll just go for it. And you'll love it, too.

It depends upon the woman. Some taste good and others taste bad and smell bad. A woman needs to keep her female parts clean.

It can taste a bit salty.

It is quite acidic, but it doesn't really have a taste. If anything, it tastes of urine slightly.

Somewhat salty and alkaline, basically. Like licking a big fleshy battery.

Hmmm. Slightly salty with a warm, slightly oily texture


I agree it does taste like as penny and a bit lemony too, but it is a good taste.

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