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ESR (Extended Sexual Response)


ESR (Extended Sexual Response)
Multiple Responses
Altered States of Consciousness Occurring During Expanded Sexual Response In The Human Female: Preliminary Definitions
Expanded Sexual Response (ESR) is a recently defined phenomenon. It is defined as “being able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer and more intense than the classical orgasm patterns defined in the literature”. During our detailed preliminary survey to investigate the claimed ESR phenomenon in some particular women, we also investigated the subjective feelings and altered states of consciousness (ASC) during very intense and prolonged orgasms in the women with ESR. During our preliminary survey 72 types of different subjective feelings and ASC patterns were described in the 47 women with ESR. Among these were: depersonalization; out of body experience; flying; dying feeling (petit morte); ecstasy; rapture; explosion feeling; quivering, earthquake feeling; flooding; absorbing; spurting; blessed; shuddering; intense love; unreal; surreal; voyage to nature; seeing light flashes, color flashes, geometric shapes, figures; peacefulness; physical and spiritual warmth; loss of control; spreading; flowing; mystical experience; unification with the partner and/or the universe; de ja vu; crying etc. It is concluded that in some particular women with ESR, some of the very intense and prolonged orgasms induce a form of ASC of which mechanism is not explained yet! Pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves and oxytocin pathway is involved in the development of female orgasm. We hypothesize that blended nerve activation among these four nerves during ESR may be inducing extraordinary subjective feelings and ASC during profound female orgasms. “Four nerve and six pathway theory of female orgasm” may explain the ASC during ESR to some extent. Also involvement of dopaminergic, serotoninergic, noradrenergic, opioid, prolactinergic and oxytocinergic pathways may modulate the altered mood states during ESR induced ASCs. More research to determine the scientific basis and parameters of ESR phenomenon in some females should be carried out, as well as the research on the neurological, psychological and neurochemical mechanisms of ESR induced ASC’s in some females’ psyche.

By Marjo Ramstadius
Tantra is the way of attaining ultimate pleasures and orgasms for males and females. Sexual union is regarded as a sacred and profound phenomenon in Tantra, such that the higher levels of sexual consciousness are sought. In Tantric literature, we witness that the woman has a limitless perception of sexual climax, while the male continues to stimulate her without attaining an ejaculation, or orgasm. In Kama Sutra or other texts, we know that the women’s pleasure can be prolonged and enhanced limitlessly. And this potential of women has been kept as secret for centuries in the Tantric subcultures.
Recently at the turn of 1990’s and 2000’s, there have been some attempts to reach such climax levels by some researchers. It has been concluded that prolonged and enhanced orgasms can be attained in human female, if proper body-mind connection and prolonged erotic stimulation is given. And many researchers have coined this phenomenon as “Expanded Sexual Response” (ESR). When I have searched PUBMED, I have seen many articles about the pathologies of female sexual response, but no mention of ESR. So ESR, although defined in Tantric Cultures, 2000 years ago, has not been defined by scientists or medics yet!
Tantra for centuries sought the ultimate, topmost pleasures for women; so ESR phenomenon was a very natural and normal way of life in Tantra and Tantric tradition. When you look at the definitions of Tantric female climaxes and readings from Tantric books, you come across unbelievable sacred and tremendous definition of orgasmic response of females. So we are, in Europe and USA, trying to rediscover something that has long been forgotten for centuries. In Kama Sutra and other Taoist scriptures we can read that, the female orgasms can be enhanced and expanded to a level that no ordinary person can experience. Catholic Church prevented females to attain ultimate pleasures for more than 2000 years in the West, while the East was discovering all possible means to maintain male sexual energy and enhance female orgasm.
With a colleague of mine, we have done a research in the internet and facebook about the possible means to attain ESR. Although it is daily and normal phenomenon in Tantric way of life, it was really difficult to find women with ESR in the West. We interviewed some women with ESR, who were not diagnosed as sex addicts or bipolar disorder or nymphos, and we submitted our findings for a sexology meeting in Norway. Here are the “Ten Commandments” of ESR:
Rationale:  In medical literature, there are many researches and articles about the pathologies of the desire and sexual response of females on the dysfunctions of female sexual physiology and psychology such as anorgasmia, vaginismus etc., however there has been no attempt for a research to investigate the possibilities of enhanced sexual functions and response of the human female, unless it is caused by bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive sexual disorder, persistent genital arousal syndrome etc. Recently many books have been published about the enhanced and expanded sexual response (ESR) of the human female (Taylor, 2002; Rhodes, 1991; Bodansky, 2000; Zdrok, 2004)[1].
Introduction: To investigate the main parameters of a possible ESR we have contacted some women who claimed to have enhanced sexual response. Our aim was to establish the main scientific basis of the definitions and parameters of ESR, if it existed, and to establish an objective ESR scale out of our preliminary findings.
Methods:   As a preliminary study, women who claimed that they have a form of ESR and …. women without ESR definitions were interviewed through internet and/or face to face. The women who joined the study were selected by means of personal communications through the academic circles, former survey correspondents, universities and via the internet and facebook communications; many women with different nationalities were included in the study in 2010 and 2011. To prevent the enhanced sexual response due to psychiatric pathologies such as bipolar disorder, compulsive sexual disorder, all women were questioned about their medical history and such women were not taken to the study.
Results: It is concluded that some aspects of the sexual response of women with ESR were different than the women without ESR (none-ESR, NESR): 1) The ESR women experienced vaginal, clitoral and blended orgasms, as described by Ladas, Whipple and Perry[2]. 2) The ESR women experienced multiple orgasms in most of their sexual activities. 3) The ESR women were able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms that lasted longer than the classical single orgasm and/multiple orgasm patterns defined in the literature. 4) The ESR women claimed to have strong pelvic floor muscles (PFM) compared to NESR women. 5)The libido of ESR women was very high compared to NESR women. 6) ESR women described a phenomenon called G-Spot orgasms. 7) ESR women described sensitive erogenous zones in their genitalia other than clitoris.  8)ESR women masturbated very frequently. 9) ESR women had erotic fantasies more frequently than the NESR women. 10) ESR women admitted to have a form of altered states of consciousness during some of their prolonged orgasms.
Conclusion: ESR is a novel phenomenon in the human female which was defined recently. Our preliminary data revealed that more detailed scientific research should be carried out on the possible existence of such a phenomenon. The authors are still working on some psychometric ESR-scales to measure the claimed ESR in the human female in scientific terms.

Doors of Female Orgasmic Consciousness: New Theories on the Peak Experience and Mechanisms of Female Orgasm and Expanded Sexual Response
Although there are many forms of female orgasms described in the literature, there are still debates about the female orgasmicresponse and no unified theory to explain those orgasmic reflexes and sexual responses have been proposed. Also, there are inconsistent reports and comments about the ‘vaginal versus clitoral orgasm controversy’. Recently, a novel form of femaleorgasms has been coined as “Expanded Sexual Response” (ESR), and defined as:

“being able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer and more intense than theclassical orgasm patterns defined in the literature”
Expanded orgasms induce a different state of consciousness, or “orgasmic consciousness”, whereas many forms of altered states of consciousness (ASC) can be observed. There are lots of reports,coming from the data accumulated during last decades on the female orgasm and orgasmic consciousness, which confirms the fact that “clitoral and vaginal orgasms are two separate entities”, while their unification may induce a stronger and intense form of female orgasm, coined as “blended orgasm”.

As we have hypothesized in our other publications, at least six orgasmicreflex pathways may take part in the development of single or multiple clitoral, vaginal, blended orgasms, and expanded,enhanced, prolonged ESR orgasms. Pudental, pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves play major roles in the development of single or ESR orgasms, as well as at least two oxytocin pathways may contribute to it.

In blended, ESR orgasms and/or statusorgasmus, more than one ‘orgasm reflex arch pathway’ may trigger the orgasm at the same time, while other pathways play a supplementary role. We have investigated the ESR phenomenon using a specific ESR-Scale in a series of surveys among ESR-women, compared to the control groups and defined the main characteristics of ESR phenomenon in the human female. ESR women seem to have higher libido, higher masturbation frequency, more erotic fantasies, stronger and more intense,prolonged orgasms or expanded orgasms (EO); while they experience multiple clitoral, vaginal and blended orgasms separately,as well as status orgasmus.

Also ESR women are more aware of their bodies and their deep vaginal erogenous zones (DVZs),which comprises inner clitoris, G-Spot, A-Spot, O-Spot, PC-Muscles and Cervix. “Four nerve-six pathway theory of femaleorgasm” and oxytocinergic system may seem to explain ESR phenomenon


  1. Thanks for this post as an ESR woman and a Tantra Healing practitioner it was refreshing to see the scientific research behind this phenomena

    1. No problem, glad to see that it helped!

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