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Multiple Responses:
What does "pregnant out of wedlock" mean?
I hear people say this a lot but I have no clue what it means! Can someone please tell me?

“It means your parents aren't married when they conceived you. It's called wedlock because usually, back in the day, when people found out they were going to have a baby, they would go ahead and get married even if they didn't want to. They were locked into getting married. But nowadays, the father usually just runs off and continues having sex with no thought at all to his baby or babies.”

“Out of wedlock means outside of marriage. So pregnant out of wedlock means she got pregnant while she wasn't married.”

“It just means you are not married. It doesn't mean the father isn't involved, just that the parents are unmarried. It's basically an old-fashioned way of labeling women as promiscuous and unvirtuous, that's the bottom line, it's a social statement meant to degrade the mother.”

Wedlock is not the "art of bastard breeding," nor is it "illegitamate children," (sic) nor is it "the act of having children before marriage."

Wedlock is the state of being married, or it can mean matrimony.

Wedlock should not be confused with the phrase 'out of wedlock' which means that something has taken place or one or more people are out of the state of being married (read: unwed).

Billy was a bastard born out of wedlock.

Bobby-Sue and Johnny will no longer be in wedlock after their divorce and annulment.


Wedlock - The state of being married; matrimony.

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