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What to do With My Hands While Kissing?


What to do With My Hands While Kissing?
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Where are a man's hands while kissing?
“You don't have to do anything but kiss. If you want to do something else during it, sure but the paramount thing is the kiss itself. Sure, you can stroke her (or his) hair, lightly touch your partner's face or do something more straightforward like grabbing the other person's bottom (not really a thing you want to do during your first kiss though) but all this is extra, the kiss is what matters.”

“Where a man places his hands may tell much to the person being kissed. If his hands are away from the person, he is not as enthusiastic, shy or taken aback by the kiss. However, A truly deep kiss most commonly comes with a strong embrace of the partner by both hands. Usually around their body.  Placing the hands on certain parts of the other person's body may suggest only a sexual intent. And may be a turn off.  
However, placing both hands upon the face is extremely intimate and very Romantic.”

“Well the man's hands carass her hair...move upwards and downwards on her back and front...If you are standing......then you just hold her from her waists tightly and lean towards her....and just close your eyes for feel the moment..”

What are you all doing with your hands when making out with your SO? The guy I'm dating is great about running his hands around my hips, through my hair, and under my shirt. But I feel like he's doing a lot more than I am and that I need to be more creative!

Part of the problem is he's a good foot taller than me so if our faces are at the same level, I can really only reach his shoulders and upper back.

“Everywhere. Face, hair, neck, chest, stomach, back, butt.. basically anything I can reach. Mostly face and chest, though.”

“I used to have a thing with a guy that was 6'6, and I'm barely 5'3. When we were kissing, I would run my fingers through his hair, put my hands on the sides of his face, wrap my arms around his neck, run my hands down his chest... We were usually on the couch, bed, or he would pick me up. Any other time (like in public), he would just bend down and give me a kiss on the cheek, forehead, or a quick peck.”

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Hair
  • Back of neck
  • Mostly butt though. He has a really nice ass.”

  • Place your hands on the other person
  • Gently grab a hold of his or her face
  • Grab each other's hands
  • Pull the person closer to you
  • Run your fingers through his or her hair
  • Place your hands on the person's thigh
  • Touch his or her face

Put Hand on Other Person
You will make your partner to feel very awkward and unnatural if you leave your hands at your own sides during a Standing Kiss. The most basic rule of standing kiss for hand position is that girls usually put her hands on her guy’s shoulders or around his neck and the guy will put his hands on her waist or lower back gently. This order might be reversed if girl is short than the boy.
Grab Face Gently
To add some more intimacy in your kiss, try to grab hold of your partner’s face, on places like lips, cheeks, chin or neck. This will add more fun to your kiss. You can also do this step to stabilize the kiss so that you can control yourself from moving to more intimating stages.
Grab Hands
If this is your 2nd or 3rd date with your partner then it may sound good to hold each other’s hand and interlock your fingers during your kiss. This will give you immense pleasure of love between both of you.
Lock Each Other
Pull your partner closer to you. Use your hands gently to pull your partner closer to you by the waist until your bodies are pressed tightly against each other. This will take your kissing experience to upper level.
Play with Hairs
Running fingers through hairs can be very pleasurable for the other person because Hair follicles have lots of nerve ending that stimulate the intimacy level. You can also try giving the person’s hair a gentle tug to make the kiss feel more passionate and intense.
Place Hands on Thighs
If you both are in a sitting position next to each other and facing in a same direction then it would be difficult to understand where to put hands while kissing. The best appropriate and safe position for hands while kissing in a seated position is knees or thighs as it does not require too much of a reach.
Touch Face
In a Seated Kiss it is easy to reach one’s face. You can gently touch your partner’s face. You can place your hand on your partner’s neck or cheek to add some intimacy.
Take Kiss to a Next Level
If you are in a private room and both are feeling comfortable enough with each other and both have a mutual desire to do more than a kiss, then you can start exploring the rest of the body of your partner. Start it simply by slipping your hand underneath his/her shirt or lightly ahold of the person’s butt. All you have to do is to play safe without by receiving positive reactions.

So these are the simple Kissing tutorial on How to Use your hands while kissing your partner. If want to ask any doubt related to kissing and hand positions while kissing you can comment below or ask on our Facebook Page. Share and help others to learn more about how to kiss, kissing tips and techniques.

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