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How to Hide the Scent of Your Weed


How to Hide the Scent of Your Weed
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8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
It’s one of the most beautiful, strong and recognizable smell there is. When you’re walking down the street mid-work day and you get a whiff, it gives you a special feeling inside you can’t quite describe. But, when it comes to yourself, trying to hide the smell of weed is sometimes incredibly crucial.

We’ve divided these tips into a; “BEFORE, DURING and AFTER” consumption list because of the incredibly distinguishable smell that comes along with one of our most loved creature comforts.

Cover up
In the marijuana growing stage, the flowering plant gives off a pungent smell that is able to catch the nose of many passing by. Having a plant outside will eliminate the powerful smell it leaves indoors, but the smell may also be noticeable to neighbors. Using other plants with their own powerful odor such as; spearmint, hibiscus, citronella or marigolds may aid in covering up the smell.

smell vent 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
Photo credit: How To Grow Marijuana
If you are growing a plant indoors, in order to eliminate the chances of strong order, proper ventilation is necessary. Follow this guide from GrowWeedEasy, to discover more steps that will assist in reducing the marijuana smell while growing indoors.

Odor Resistant bags
smell bags 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
These are purchases that you will never regret, and are miracle workers. If you’ve ever been going from A to B with a miniscule amount, or a single doobie, it always ends up catching your nose. You instantly panic wondering who else could have possible got a sniff. These smell-proof bags are manufactured to eliminate odor, and brands such as SmellyProof and ReeferKeeper are selling these lifesaving products. A doob tube, which is pretty self-explanatory, is a pocket sized water-resistant, smell-proof tube that also guarantees a non-crushed j upon arrival.

smell sploof 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
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These, easy to build out of household items, handy tools allow the smoke to be exhaled into a device that dilutes the smell. Using a paper-towel role, paper towel, a dryer sheet and an elastic, you too can create one of these marvelous devices.
smell snubbz 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
Photo credit: Snubbz
Alternatively, there are many products on the market that are designed to reduce the smell, such asSnubbz, Sploofy, and The Original Smoke Buddie are available for purchase, often used with a product such as Ozium, an odor eliminizor.

Proper method
smell one hitter 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
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The amount of smell you produce often depends on the method in which you choose. Obviously edibles would be the best choice if you are concerned with the marijuana smell giving you away. Going with a one-hitter, or vape-pen instead of a joint will eliminate the constant smoke engulfing your location and sticking to your clothes, and both are very easy to conceal.
One-hitters and vape-pens provides you with one puff of smoke to release, and is controlled by the individuals’ own inhale and exhale (and is easy to blow out a window). This method is also preferable because it doesn’t leave the marijuana smell on your fingers like a joint would.

smell hotbox 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
Smoking outdoors versus indoors will obviously decrease the smell. Strong air flow and breezes assist in circulating the air and distributing the smell. Opening the windows, and turning on fans works great, but going outside always works best. Hot boxing is especially a bad idea if you’re worried about the smell, so just don’t do it.

Cover up
Instead of trying to come up with ways to go back in time, use some of these methods to take control of the situation to the best of your ability;
  • Chew gum. Getting rid of the taste in your mouth will help you stop thinking about it.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. This will help get rid of the smell on your hands, and is somewhat necessary if you smoked a joint.
  • Air freshener/incense/body spray – Remember, a combination of two strong smells isn’t always the best, so make sure to not use something that will be overpowering. Using artificial smells isn’t always the coyest way around covering the smell either, so using a natural scent is best.

Give it some time
If you’re on your way somewhere or are nervous about someone smelling marijuana on you, just give yourself some extra time and air yourself out.

Be proactive!
The best, and easiest way to avoid the anxiety of worrying if you smell like marijuana is making a plan of attack in advance. Give yourself enough time, find the proper location, or be sure your next stop is with people that won’t be bothered by the smell.

Hide the smell of marijuana
How to hide smell, marijuana. 1.Storing, 2.Smoking, 3.Growing

If you have come to this page then you most likely are looking for a good way to hide the smell of your weed. Even though it is a very fragrant scent it’s understandable that there are times you need to use discretion.

Hide Storing Marijuana Smell
  1. You can't disguise the smell from dogs, they’ll smell it anyway, best you can hope for is to make the dog handler think that the dog is false alerting because of food or a cat, ect.. anything that dogs get out of line for.
  2. Keep your weed in an airtight container such as Tupperware or a vacuum-sealed bag. One thing to be aware of is that if you touch your stash while putting it in the container then touch the outside of your container, the dogs will smell it. So, this trick may be better done with 2 people.
  3. Keep your marijuana in a small airtight container that is easy to hide away in a safe place. Old film canisters, mint tins or small glass jars are all great containers that can be easily slipped inside a shoe, behind books on your shelf or in the back of your spice cupboard.
  4. A good idea with the film canisters is to hide them in a flashlight that uses D batteries. The film canisters are about the same size as a D battery so replace one of the batteries with your canister of marijuana.
  5. Place your pipe in a zip-lock bag after smoking, as it retains the strongest marijuana odor. Make sure the bowl has cooled completely, then wrap it up and put it away.
  6. Hide your stash above where the dogs can smell it. I had a friend that ran in to a bit of bad luck, but when the dog was brought through his house his stash was hanging in a gun scabbard about 5’ off the floor. So, when the cops left he still had his quarter pound of weed.
  7. Keep an air freshener or two in the same place you keep your weed.
  8. One thing I have done for shipping pounds of weed overseas.
    1. Put the marijuana in to zip lock baggies.
    2. Put all the zip lock baggies into a plastic garbage bag and tie it shut.
    3. Take that garbage bag and wrap it in a towel dampened with ammonia.
    4. Put this in to another garbage bag and tie it shut.
    5. Then put that into another plastic garbage bag and tie it shut.
  9. Stick it in a box and you're good to go.
  10. Dogs don't smell like humans do. Humans can smell a pot of stew cooking on the stove, dogs smell meat, carrots, celery, onions, etc...
  11.    Everything has pours, yes everything has pours, odor can travel through pours, it is just a matter of time. Softer plastics have larger pours which allow the odor to pass through faster. Cellophane types of plastic have smaller pours and will stop the smell for a longer period of time.
  12.    Ever heard of someone getting busted carrying weed in their gas thank? This is why! The odor travels through the bag, then through the gas, then through the metal tank. The liquid molocules are to large to fit back through the plastic and affect the smoke.

Hide Smoking Marijuana Smell
  1. For smoking indoors, burn a strong incense at least five minutes before lighting up and keep it burning for at least 20 minutes afterwards.
  2. Lighting up a cigarette, while you smoke, will help disguise the smell and others may not be able do distinguish the bud smell from the other smoke.
  3. Open a window or door for a while and let the room air out. This is particularly effective if it is windy outside.
  4. If you like to smoke pot in the car, always keep a new and strong scented air freshener near the ash tray and the windows down.
  5. Take a paper towel tube, cover the end with a couple dyer sheets and use a rubber band to hold them on there. When you smoke exhale all your smoke through the tube and when the smoke comes out the other end it will smell like fresh laundry.
  6. Using a pipe with a lid or a sneak a toke will greatly cut down on the smell compared to smoking a joint.
  7. Buy and use some odor eating air freshener such as Febreze, don’t use the regular kind unless that is all your have as this will just add more smell not get rid of the pot smell.
  8. When you are done smoking, wash your face and hands with soap, use a little mouthwash and cologne.
  9. Smoke with a vaporizer as they heat the buds up to a point where the THC vaporizes and not actually burn the weed, which creates the smell.

Hide Growing Marijuana Smell
Growing marijuana can be quit smelly when it comes to the end of the bud cycle.
Outdoor Growing
Not much you can do when you’re growing out doors, just watch out for nosy neighbors and try not to plant it to close to your neighbors. If they do smell it and are not cool, your busted.

Indoor Growing
  1. Create a negative air pressure in your room. Always run an exhaust fan and if you use an intake fan make sure it is smaller than the exhaust fan. So, the only way air is leaving the room is through the exhaust fan.
  2. Run your exhaust vent out your roof of the place where you have your room set up. The neighbors 2 doors down may smell it but when someone gets close to the building you are growing in there will be no smell
  3. Charcoal filters work well, but do have a continual cost as you have to keep replacing your filters, as they get old.
  4. Ionize filters work well to remove the smell from the air. If you recirculate your air and add CO2 to it this may be a good option.
  5. Drying your crop, put up a screen such as from a sliding glass door, and do it in your room.
  6. There you have it, now you can smoke, store, and grow weed without having to worry about how you are going to hide the smell.

If you know of a good way that is not listed here please let me know about it, through my contact form. All us pot heads need to stick together.


Originally, this thread was intended to offer suggestions on eliminating or covering marijuana odors on your clothing, but it was suggested that this include eliminating or convering marijuana odor in general as well.

Just as before, if you have any suggestions that you would like to see added to this first post, feel free to post them and I'll edit this post with your suggestion and credit you for it. I'd like to keep all of the suggestions in one post, so everyone doesn't have to search the entire thread for them.

If you see a suggestion credited someone else on this post that you like or plan to use, please thank them instead of me, since the suggestion was originally posted by them.

Indoor Smoking
We all know it's more comfortable to smoke in the privacy of your own house, bedroom, or sheltered from the elements. So, this will help you keep your marijuana use concealed even indoors.
  • Tube / Spoof / Etc. - One of the most common ways to hide the odor of marijuana smoke indoors is by using a tube, also known as a spoof. It is simply a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets stuffed in it that you use to blow the smoke through, masking it with the smell of the dryer sheet. To make one, start by stuffing 5-6 dryer sheets (more if dryer sheets are thin) inside of a toilet paper roll, or any cardboard tube. To create a "filter", to increase the life of your tube, wrap two dryer sheets around the end of the tube you plan on blowing the smoke through. This will collect majority of the residue, thus extending the life of the dryer sheets stuffed inside of the tube. Generally, after a week or so of daily use, it is recommended that you replace the dryer sheets. Be sure to only use this method for bowls, because it is pointless to use with a blunt or joint, since the smoke still gets into the air from the still burning marijuana. If your bowl remains burning in between hits, cover it to extinguish the embers and prevent smoke from eminating from the bowl.
  • Febreeze - Febreeze or any other odor eliminating spray will eliminate nearly all marijuana odor if you are smoking in a confined space (bathroom, basement, etc.). However, if used in large rooms, it loses effect since it requires more Febreeze to mask it. If you are smoking in your bedroom, blow smoke out of a window or through a tube.
  • Exhaust vents - If you are smoking indoors, you could use a exhaust vent along with Febreeze to eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke. Most houses have exhaust vents in kitchens and bathrooms, both of which are common rooms, so only use this if you have the house to yourself and you have at least thirty minutes for any leftover smell to exit the area.
  • Vaporizer - Vaporizing your marijuana reduces the amount of odor because of two reasons, one, the marijuana does not actually combust, and two, it gives off a different odor than the one most commonly associated with marijuana smoke, and this odor is much easier to cover up with Febreeze or other odor eliminating sprays.

Outdoor Smoking
Sometimes you don't have much of a choice, and you have to go outdoors to smoke. This will help you conceal your marijuana use while you're outdoors.
  • Cigarette Breaks - If you are a cigarette smoker, it is much easier to conceal any immediate odor associated with marijuana smoke. Smoking marijuana outdoors is significantly easier to cover up than indoors, so more often than not, it is the immediate odor from exhaling the smoke that you will have to worry about. You can mask this by simply exhaling cigarette smoke to break up the cloud of marijuana smoke you exhaled.
  • Bowls ONLY - If you smoke outdoors and are concerned with getting caught, it is not recommended to use blunts or joints, because they create a constant flow or marijuana smoke, which equals marijuana odor. Take a bowl instead, that way the bowl only burns when you want it to. It'll save marijuana, and it'll reduce the total amount of s(smoke you create. Flavored blunts are worse than joints, because they also create the odor of the flavoring used of the leaf wrapping the blunt.
  • Laundry day - If you have access to your basement, or can easily access the outside vent to your clothes dryer, smoke there while it was running. The exhaust will smell like a combination of dryer sheets and detergent, which will mask the smell of marijuana. Be sure to use caution and not use this method habitually, or it will begin to look suspicious. If at all possible, exhale your marijuana smoke into the air coming from the exhaust vent, this will increase the success of this method.
  • Walk - If you are a cigarette smoker, you can take walks while you smoke. This method is successful if your route doesn't include highly populated areas, for obvious reasons.

During Storage
Now, we all know that if you don't properly store your marijuana or your smoking equipment, you will be able to smell it from a mile away. This section will help you properly store your marijuana and your equipment, so people don't catch on...
  • Dryer Sheets - All you have to do for this one is stuff a few dryer sheets in your stash box, it's simple, and it works. Just remember, dryer sheets lose their scent after a week or two.
  • Odor absorbing discs - You can find these at most stores that carry a wide selection of baby care products. They are little yellow discs that resemble small urinal cakes that absorb all odors within the container it's placed in. They are often marketed as "diaper basket odor eliminators".
  • Plug-In's - Any type of plugin that uses a cotton cord to deliver an oil frangrance to a heating element will work as a deodorizer in a stash box, simply remove the plastic caps from the Plug-In as you would normally use it, and place it in your stash box in a secure location to where it won't tip and spill oil all over your stuff.
  • Glad-Ware - This brand in particular offers a wide selection of sizes and shapes, suitable for most stoners. You can use these containers to store your equipment and marijuana together or seperate to eliminate most of the odor eminating from both the plant or the residue. You may still be able to smell a hint of the odors if you open your stash box up, but as long as your stash box is well-hidden, you won't have anything to worry about. An added plus is that these types of containers also keeps your marijuana fresh, and prevents partially used marijuana from going stale.

Your Clothes
If you're hanging out with your friends having a session, odds are you'll walk away smelling like pot, so this section will help you cover up the odor so no one else has to know what you were up to.
  • Smoke outdoors - If you smoke outdoors, as opposed to a confined space, the marijuana smoke is less likely to stick to your clothing, since there is most likely some degree of air flow. Even if wind is at a minimum, fresh air will help clear the smell out (just like line-drying clothes and the "fresh air" scent associated with that).
  • Deodorant sprays, cologne/perfume, body splashs - DO NOT drown yourself in any sprays, because it makes it look obvious. Lightly spray yourself with a deodorant spray, cologne/perfume, or body splash to mask the scent of the marijuana. It will not erase the smell, but it will be more prominent than the marijuana smoke. You will be more likely to hear that you smell good, rather than you smell like a skunk.
  • Blow your smoke up - Quite possibly the easiest, and most often forgotten method of avoiding the smell of marijuana on your clothes. The smoke can't get on your clothes if your smoke goes straight up in the air. This works best outdoors, but can also decrease the strength of the scent on your clothes if you're smoking indoors.
  • Wash your own clothes - If you still live at home, your laundry basket will more than likely smell like pot if you smoke on a regular basis and take no measure to avoid getting the smell on your clothing. So, that means if your mother/father/sister/uncle/dog is washing your clothes, they'll smell it, and that means you're busted.
  • Don't carry joint/blunt roaches/halves - Obviously, roaches and halves smell way stronger than unburnt marijuana, so carrying a roach in your pocket will give off a very strong odor. If you have to carry a roach/half on you, contain it in an empty cigarette pack, if you don't smoke or know someone that smokes, wrap it in some type of material that provides some type of barrier between you and your clothes, and the roach/half and someone else's nose (i.e., a rolled up M&M's bag)

Your Breath
If you haven't noticed, after you smoke, your breath smells like bong water. So, you're going to have to cover it up, and this section will help you do just that...
  • Gum - You don't always have access to a sink, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, so when you don't, a strong flavored gum such as Dentyne Ice will work well enough to mask the smell. Don't start chewing the gum as you walk in the door, as the smell of the gum will be at it's strongest, which will make it look suspicious. 5-10 minutes before you plan on going around people that you don't want to know about your toking ways is just enough time to mellow the smell of the gum out and mask the odor.
  • Cigarettes - If you're a smoker, a cigarette is an easy way to mask the smell on your breath. If you're not a smoker, then don't start just to mask the smell of marijuana. It's a horrible habit, and it's hard to quit.
  • Eat/drink - Most drinks (except water, for obvious reasons) and foods can cover up the smell of marijuana.

Your Hands/Skin
After you roll one up, your hands are covered in residue. That smell can remain on you even after several hours, so you might want to get it off or you, so this section will help you with that.
  • Germ X/Hand sanitizers - Germ X and other waterless hand sanitizers are often availiable in travel/pocket size forms that are great to keep in your car, your pocket, or your pocketbook. Most brands don't carry strong scents, but because of the sanitizing chemicals in them, they can erase the smell of marijuana on your skin and some can even remove residue from your fingertips.
  • Bowls and bongs - Anyone that smokes marijuana with rolling papers or blunts will have a strong marijuana odor on their fingers. If you are concerned about smell, it is strongly recommended that you smoke out of a bowl of some sort, or a bong. Your physical contact with the marijuana is cut drastically, maybe even completely, which means little to no smell. If you need to repack the bowl because of the marijuana rising or moving, use a lighter or a coin so you don't need to come in contact with the burnt marijuana (which carries a stronger odor than unburnt marijuana).

In a few days I'm going to be buying about 11g of weed, and then having a 20 minute drive several hours later. Usually, I use an iron to reveal uneaten crisp packets with the weed inside, with the weed inside contained with a mbb bag. However, this time I won't be able to use an iron to do that, so I need a solution to hide the smell other than just wrapping it in clothes.

Anything I could put that amount of weed in that could hide the smell? Thanks.

“Smoke it!”

“A really airtight container. A glass dish with a snap on lid would work or a mason jar.”

“Any airtight container, i.e. a glass jar or bottle. On a sidenote, the chip bag thing is fucking genius.”

“Jars are the best, if you can't get one just find some type of airtight container. I've never tried but a lays stacked chip container would probably work. Also double or triple bagging it doesn't work well cause the smell will just leak into the next bag and build up in all of them.”

As a former decorated drug cop and current drug defense expert witness, I know the odor of marijuana is the top probable cause indicator police use to search and arrest pot smokers.  Probable cause was invented to protect citizens from government intrusions but now the police are using probable cause to proliferate millions of needless and cruel intrusions per year.  Removing the government’s ability to gain probable cause is a power all non violent smokers deserve.

Unfortunately, as a drug cop, I arrested hundreds of people after gaining probable cause from detecting smoking odors. I also became suspicious and made scores of arrests after smelling “masking agents” such as Febreze and other air fresheners that are commonly used in an attempt to cover smoking tracks. So, as a form of penance, I wrote this article to keep non violent pot smokers out of American prison camps.

As of July 2014, twenty three states and Washington D.C. have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana and two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Yet, as it stands, the majority of cannabis users need to conceal the smell of marijuana. Plenty of people live in places – dormitories, apartment complexes – where even a small amount of marijuana smoke isn’t acceptable.  Luckily, with the correct information and either a home made or store bought device, it’s not hard to completely eliminate the “invisible probably cause cloud” that could get you busted.

The Research
NeverGetBusted set out to discover which sploofs and sprays reduce the smell of marijuana best.  A Sploof  is a homemade filter used to blow marijuana smoke through. The device is constructed to neutralize the smell of marijuana, before it disperses into the environment around you. In their exclusive marijuana research study, the team tested the diffusion of marijuana smoke using five homemade sploofs, and a Fluke 985 Particle Counter. For the experiment, they tested particle levels in four different areas of the home: the bedroom, the bathroom, inside the front door and just outside the front door.  They used the particle counter at each location to determine the smoke concentration.

The Findings
1.  Through our research, we discovered using a vaporizer is the most powerful way to eliminate the smells of marijuana.  You can vaporize virtually anywhere in your home without worrying about the smell escaping.
2.  Activated charcoal is the most effective ingredient in a sploof, removing at least twice the number of particles from the air than sploofs without activated charcoal, such as those using dryer sheets alone. The activated charcoal actually absorbs particles out of the air. It is sold commercially as a filter to remove toxins from fish tanks and has many other uses.
3.  Joints, pipes and bongs all produced around the same amount of smoke. Smoking from a bowl was the least likely to produce a lot of smoke while the joint was the most likely.

How to make a home made sploof
Stuff you need
  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Dryer Sheets
  • clean sock

  • Stuff 10 to 15 dryer sheets into the paper towel roll.
  • Slip the loaded paper towel roll into the sock and tuck any remaining sock into the end of the paper towel roll.
  • Start blazing. Take a hit and exhale into the tube. The dryer sheets will eliminate all the smoke and almost the odor.


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