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Multiple Responses
German costume analysts of the 1920s proposed a law of Shifting Erogenous Zones. Young women will always want to display a particular part of their bodies, but this display will keep moving from one region of the body to another. As one bit covers up, another becomes exposed. There are two reasons for this. The first is novelty – each new exposure is exciting because it has not been seen recently – familiarity has not yet bred contempt. The second is modesty – if more than one body zone is exposed at the same time, the impact is too vulgar. So, to keep the exposure fresh, but not too exaggerated, the erogenous zone keeps on shifting from one area of the body to another, as fashions change.

The Clitoris, A-Spot, G-Spot and U-Spot
Desmond Morris
In addition to the vaginal passage and its surrounding labia, the female genitals also boast four sexual ‘Hot Spots.’ These are small zones of heightened erotic sensitivity, the stimulation of which during the mating act helps to bring the female nearer to an orgasmic condition. They are: the Clitoris, the U-spot, the G-spot, and the A-spot. The first two are outside the vagina, the second two inside it:

The Clitoris. This is the best known of the female genital hot spots, located at the top of the vulva, where the inner labia join at their upper ends. The visible part is the small, nipple-sized, female equivalent of the tip of the male penis, and is partially covered by a protective hood. Essentially it is a bundle of 8000 nerve fibres, making it the most sensitive spot on the entire female body. It is purely sexual in function and becomes enlarged (longer, more swollen, more erect) and even more sensitive during copulation. During foreplay it is often stimulated directly by touch, and many women who do not easily reach orgasm purely from vaginal stimulation find it easier to climax from oral, digital, or mechanical stimulation of the clitoris.

An Australian surgeon recently reported that the clitoris is larger than previously thought, much of it being hidden beneath the surface. The part that is visible is simply its tip, the rest of its length – its shaft – lying beneath the surface and extending down to surround the vaginal opening. This means that, during pelvic thrusting, its concealed part will be massaged vigorously by the movements of the inserted penis. There will therefore always be some degree of clitoral stimulation, even when the tip is not touched directly. The clitoral shaft is, however, less sensitive than the exposed tip, so that direct contact with the tip will always have a greater impact on female arousal. Some women claim that, by employing a rhythmic, downward roll of the pelvis, they can create a direct friction on the clitoris tip while the male is making pelvic thrusts, and can in this way magnify their arousal, but this requires a more dominant role for the female, which is not always accepted by the male.

The U-Spot. This is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening. It is absent just below the urethra, in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. Less well known than the clitoris, its erotic potential was only recently investigated by American clinical research workers. They found that if this region was gently caressed, with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there was an unexpectedly powerful erotic response.

While on the subject of the female urethra, it is important to mention ‘female ejaculation.’ In the male, the urethral tube delivers both urine and seminal fluid containing sperm. In the female it is usually believed that it delivers only urine, but this is not the case. When there is an unusually powerful orgasm, some females may emit a liquid from their urethral openings that is not urine. There are specialized glands surrounding the urethral tube, called Skene’s glands, or para-urethral glands, similar to the male’s prostate, and under extreme stimulation they produce an alkaline liquid that is chemically similar to male seminal fluid. Women who experience ejaculation (which ranges in quantity from a few drops to a few tablespoonfuls), sometimes imagine that the extreme muscular exertions of their climactic moments have forced them into involuntary urination, but this is simply because they do not understand their own physiology. Nor, incidentally, did some medical authorities, who insisted that ejaculating women were suffering from ‘urinary stress incontinence’ and suggested operations to cure it. (One man recently sued for divorce because he believed that his wife was urinating on him, such is the ignorance of female genital activity.)

It is not clear what the value of this female ejaculation can be, as its occurrence is clearly a little late to act as an aid to lubrication. Vaginal lubrication is, in fact, carried out by the walls of the vagina themselves, which rapidly become covered in a liquid film when female sexual arousal first begins.

The G-Spot, or Grafenberg Spot. This is a small, highly sensitive area located 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) inside the vagina, on the front or upper wall. Named after its discoverer, a German gynaecologist called Ernst Grafenberg, it is sometimes romantically referred to as the Goddess Spot. Research into the nature of the female orgasm, carried out in the 1940s, led to the discovery that the female’s urethral tube, that lies on top of the vagina, is surrounded by erectile tissue similar to that found in the male penis. When the female becomes sexually aroused, this tissue starts to swell. In the G-spot zone this expansion rebults in a small patch of the vaginal wall protruding into the vaginal canal. It is this raised patch that is, according to Grafenberg, ‘a primary erotic zone, perhaps more important than the clitoris.’ He explains that its significance was lost when the ‘missionary position’ became a dominant feature of human sexual behaviour. Other sexual positions are far more efficient at stimulating this erogenous zone and therefore at achieving vaginal orgasms.

It should be pointed out that the term ‘G-spot’ was not used by Grafenberg himself. As mentioned above, he called it ‘an erotic zone,’ which is a much better description of it. Unfortunately, the modern use of ‘G-spot’ as a popular term has led to some misunderstanding. Some women have been led to believe, optimistically. that there is a ‘sex button’ that can be pressed like a starter button, at any time, to cause an erotic explosion. Disappointed, they then come to the conclusion that the whole concept of a ‘G-spot’ is false and that it does not exist. The truth, as already explained, is that the G-spot is a sexually sensitive patch of vaginal wall that protrudes slightly only when the glands surrounding the urethral tube have become swollen. Several leading gynaecologists denied its existence when it was first discussed at their conferences, and a major controversy arose, but later, when it was specially demonstrated for their benefit, they changed their minds. Sexual politics also entered the debate, when certain anti-male campaigners rejected out of hand the idea that vaginal orgasm could be possible. For them clitoral orgasm was politically correct and no other would do. How they have reacted to the recent marketing of ‘G-spotter’ attachments for vibrators is not recorded.

Astonishingly, there have been recent reports that some women have been undergoing ‘G-spot enhancement.’ This involves injecting collagen into the G-spot zone to enlarge it. According to one source, ‘One of the latest procedures to catch on is G-spot injection. Similar substances to those injected into the lips to plump them up can now be injected into your G-spot. The idea is that this will increase its sensitivity and so give you better orgasms.’ This sounds more like an urban myth than a surgical reality, but where female sexual improvements are concerned, almost anything is possible.

The A-Spot, AFE-zone or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. Also referred to as theEpicentre, this is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder, described technically as the ‘female degenerated prostate.’ (In other words, it is the female equivalent of the male prostate, just as the clitoris is the female equivalent of the male penis.) Direct stimulation of this spot can produce violent orgasmic contractions. Unlike the clitoris, it is not supposed to suffer from post-orgasmic over-sensitivity.

Its existence was reported by a Malaysian physician in Kuala Lumpur as recently as the 1990s. There has been some mis-reporting about it, and its precise position has been incorrectly described by several writers. Its true location is just above the cervix, at the innermost point of the vagina. The cervix of the uterus is the narrow part that protrudes slightly into the vagina, leaving a circular recess around itself. The front part of this recess is called the anterior fornix. Pressure on it produces rapid lubrication of the vagina, even in women who are not normally sexually responsive. It is now possible to buy a special AFE vibrator – long thin and upward curved at its end, to probe this zone.

Students of female sexual physiology claim (perhaps over-enthusiastically) that if these four erotic centres are stimulated in rotation, one after the other, it is possible for a woman to enjoy many orgasms in a single night. It is pointed out, however, that it takes an extremely experienced and sensitive lover to achieve this.

It has been claimed that two out of every three women fail to reach regular orgasms from simple penetrative sex. As mentioned above, most of them find that only digital or oral stimulation of the clitoris can be guaranteed to bring them to climax. This must mean that, for them, the two ‘hot spots’ inside the vagina are not living up to their name. The reason for this, it seems, is monotony in sexual positioning. A group of 27 couples were asked to vary their sexual positions experimentally, employing postures that would allow greater stimulation of the two vaginal ‘hot spots,’ and it was found that three-quarters of the females involved were then able to achieve regular vaginal orgasms.

Arouse The Secret 'U' Spot
You have probably heard of the 'G' but did you know that there exists another pleasure spot in a woman’s body, locating which can help you give her amazing orgasms.

This super sensitive spot is the U-spot. U-spot is basically a tiny patch of sensitive tissues located above and on either side of the urethral opening.

Almost unknown till now the erotic potential of the U-spot was discovered just recently by the American clinical research workers. When the U-spot is gently stimulated by the tongue, the finger, or the tip of the penis it produces an unexpectedly powerful response.

So here are the three best ways that you can stimulate your partner’s 'G':

Give her the finger
Whether or not you consciously make an effort to stimulate her U-spot, fingering is really a great way pleasuring a woman. To stimulate the U-spot with your fingers just gently slip your finger at the opening of the vagina, just above the clitoris. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure to stimulate the U-spot, because this particular region of the vagina is really very sensitive and you need to be especially careful while exploring it with your fingers.

Gently massage the U spot, and vary the motions of your finger vertically and horizontally. To make it more effective, put a little saliva on the tip of your fingers before stroking her. The moistness will minimise the friction and will allow your fingers to smoothly glide on the U-spot, making it easier for her to have an orgasm.

The tongue
You may already have inadvertently stimulated your partners U-spot, if you regularly go down on her. But when you do it the next time, try to locate the U-spot first with your fingers and then use your tongue to play with it. Just make sure you’re salivating enough to make her really enjoy the ride.

Your Penis
To add a little excitement, you can also use the erect head of your penis, to play with the area where her U-spot is located. Though she won’t climax, if you do just that but if you have found a partner who is exceptionally U-sensitive, will definitely cum if combine your penile play with some clitoral stimulation.

U-spot: Her Hidden Pleasure Point
In the last sex tip, guys learned what le Cul-de-Sacwas. This week, you will learn another pleasure spot in the woman's body. The U-spot! The U-spot is the opening to the urethra (located just above the vaginal opening, above the lips.) Many women enjoy gentle stimulation in this area with fingers and tongues. Here are three ways to really stimulate the U-spot and get your partner begging for some more loving day after day.

give her the finger
Your fingers play a crucial role in stimulating every part of your partner's body. When using fingers to stimulate the U-spot, simply slip the fingers in gently above the clitoris, at the opening of the vagina. Do not apply too much pressure because every part of the vagina is sensitive and should be handled with care.

Massage the U-spot carefully; vary your finger motion horizontally and vertically. Her pleasure is in your hands. A little tip is to put saliva on your fingertips before stroking her so you should ask her to suck your fingers before using them. Saliva allows your fingers to glide on the U-spot and maximizes her chances of having an orgasm. You can wet your finger more by slipping it deeper into the vagina.

the tongue
This method is a little trickier, but gives her maximum results. Some of us do not like to get down and intimate with our partners, but I recommend you start doing it. If you give yourself to her fully, chances are she will do the same (we all want our partners to go down on us).

Let's get back to the sex tip. After you test the grounds of your partner's genitalia, plunge in. With your mouth, and tongue, flirt with the U-spot and feel the vibe she gets out of it. Use your imagination; let the tip of your tongue tango with the inner part of her lips right above the clitoris, and this will awaken the U-spot. Again, make sure you use a lot of saliva to smoothen the ride.

your member
If you are comfortable with your partner and are willing to add some excitement, then this tip is for you. Simply use your penis (erect or not) and play around her vagina where the U-spot is located. She probably won't climax through simply wiggling your genitals on her U-spot but this is more for the fun of experimenting with different ways of lovemaking. If she is aroused simply by your penis rubbing on her U-spot, you have found somebody very "U-sensitive", and she might explode if you combine this orgasm with a clitoral orgasm.

The U spot is a spot every woman has.

It is a very sensitive area, filled with nerves. The area is on top and on both sides of the urethras opening. It is not a spot that expands like the G spot, but a big concentration of nerves. If you stimulate the U spot right, there will grow a warm delightful feeling of lust in her tummy and spread out in her legs. It is possible to give a woman a U spot orgasm, since the spot functions like the clitoris. But it is the combination of several spots, that gives the very intense experiences. Stimulation of the A spot, G spot, clitoris, X spot, anything that will turn her on, will become better in combination with the U spot.

The U spot is best stimulated with a warm and wet tongue, very slow licks are good for the warm up. One or two wet fingertips on the U spot are also good. Side to side slides work wonderful, and with that move you might accidentally graze the clitoris a little. Remember the fingers have to be very wet all the time.

The U spot is a wonderful spot to play with, in our classes we use it as a part of the warm up and enhancer for the A & G spot squirt orgasm.

What is the best way to stimulate the U-spot in women?
Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD , Psychiatry, answered on behalf of Good In Bed

The U-Spot feels the best when it is wet and touched gently. You do not need to put a lot of pressure on it, and many women have discovered this spot just from their partner rubbing the head of their penis up and down their labia. This is a motion that can be incorporated with stimulation of the clitoris and can be a way to reach orgasm all on its own for some women. The U-Spot can also be stimulated with fingers, but remember -- gentle stroking across it is usually more pleasurable than pushing on it (it's a spot, not a button). Once again, incorporating this stroking with stroking of the clitoris above it may also be a pathway to orgasm for some women. And as with all things having to do with sexuality and anatomy, some women have very sensitive U-Spots, while some do not. When using fingers, you may find she likes to have some wet stroking all the way from the clitoris, over the U-Spot and then just into the opening of the vagina.

But most people would agree that oral sex is one of the best ways to stimulate the U-Spot. This is because it already makes the area wet and has less friction than the skin of the fingers. The easiest way to find it is to find the opening of the vagina with your tongue, then softly and slowly lick upwards towards the clitoris, as if you are licking an ice-cream cone. This way, you can see which area she is most sensitive in, and you won't overwhelm her with too much pressure or speed. Once you find the spot she likes, you can experiment with putting different amounts of pressure with your tongue, or going faster or slower.

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