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Law of Attraction


Law of Attraction
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The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim "like attracts like" which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.

The concept of law of attraction received criticism from skeptical essays, like the Robert Todd Carroll's skeptic dictionary.

What is the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction can be understood by understanding that ‘like attracts like’. What this means is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives. A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you. If you spend your days wallowing in regrets about the past or fears of the future, you’ll likely see more negativity appearing, but if you look for the silver lining in every experience that you’ll soon start to see positivity surrounding you every day. Therefore, the Law of Attraction encourages you to see that you have the freedom to take control of how your futures develops, shaping it in the ways you choose.

When you learn how to use the many powerful and practical tools associated with the Law of Attraction, you can start living and thinking in a more optimistic way that is specifically designed to attract even more positive events and experiences. Whatever you’re longing for, whatever your dreams and goals, the Law of Attraction can teach you valuable lessons that will bring you closer to your most treasured ambitions.

What Is The Law Of Attraction? Open Your Eyes To A World Of Endless Possibilities
Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe – one of which being the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts, and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.

This is why the universe is such an infinitely beautiful place, as the Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

Learn How To Use The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries and very few people are fully aware of how much of an impact the Law of Attraction has on their day to day life. Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have put out.

Unfortunately, with so many of us still blind to the potential that is locked deep within us, it is all too easy to leave your thoughts and emotions unchecked – sending out the wrong thoughts and attracting more unwanted emotions and events into your life. Having said this, discovering that the Law of Attraction is at work within your life should be a great cause for celebration! Once the power of attraction have been understood by you (it is no longer secret) and you have learnt how to effectively apply these to your everyday life, your entire future is yours to create.

Does The Law Of Attraction Work And How Can It Be Used To Your Advantage?
Before you begin to embark on the incredible journey towards true enlightenment in the Law of Attraction, it is important that you understand that you can apply it you your life and it can be effective if the correct tools are used. The practices and beliefs in this law have been igniting the lives of great individuals throughout the course of history.

Hundreds of years ago the Law of Attraction was first thought to have been taught to man through the immortal Buddha, who wanted it to be known that ‘what you have become is what you have thought’ – a belief that is deeply intrinsic with the Law of Attraction. With the spread of this concept to western culture also came the term ‘Karma’, a belief that is popular throughout numerous societies.

Over the centuries it has been a common understanding amongst many that what you give out to the world (be it anger or happiness, hate or love) is ultimately what can return to your own life in the end.

This simple and easy-to-follow concept which has been so popular amongst many for a large number of years demonstrates that the idea of the power of attraction is not new whatsoever and is already recognisable to many of us in a variety of ways.

Throughout history, a great many women and men who have left their mark on this world have shown the Law of Attraction to be one of the greatest powers on earth; with many well-loved poets, artists, scientists and great thinkers such as Shakespeare, Blake, Emerson, Newton and Beethoven all conveying this message through their many works.

The main principles of the Law of Attraction can also be discovered in the teachings of many civilizations and religious groups. An example – in the proverbs 23:7, it reads ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’. Proof of praise for the Laws of Attraction can be uncovered throughout the ages; all recorded and taught in different ways, but still there for all of humanity to find.

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?
Once we have come to understand the astounding possibilities that life has to offer us, we can also come to realize that we are like artists – creating pictures of our intended life and then making choices and taking actions that will realize what we envisaged.

So what if you don’t like the picture?

Change it!

Life is a blank canvas of possibility; you are in control of what the finished picture could look like.

The Law of Attraction really is that simple – no catches. All laws of nature are completely perfect and the Law of Attraction is no exception. No matter what you are looking to have or achieve or be in life, if you can hold onto an idea and see it for yourself in the mind’s eye, you can make it yours to have – with some effort on your part.

Free Yourself From Negativity And Revel In The Universal Law of Attraction
The most challenging part of acknowledging and accepting the truth that the Law of Attraction has to offer, is coming to the realization that every single one of your experiences in life, good and bad, have been shaped by you alone. For many, this can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you feel that you or your loved ones have been dealt some particularly hard blows in life. However, once you have truly come to understand the true key behind of the Law of Attraction you can be renewed with hope and courage in the overwhelming knowledge that you are free to take charge of your life and free yourself forever from the cycle of fear, worry or negativity which has held you back for too long.

Allow The Quantum Physics Law Of Attraction To Bring You One Step Closer To Your Dreams
The work of quantum physicists during recent years has helped to shine greater light on the incredible impact that the power of the mind has on our lives and the universe in general. The more that this idea is explored by scientists and great thinkers alike, the greater an understanding we have on just how significant a role the mind plays in shaping our lives and the world around us.

It doesn’t matter if you do not ever come to have a thorough understanding of the quantum physics behind the Law of Attraction, many never will, but this does not mean that we all cannot enjoy the many benefits that this generous and law can offer us.

As physicists come to supply us with more and more information regarding the law, the more we can simply rejoice in the truly liberating and empowering realization that we are the creators and controllers of our life and the energy we are all made of.

Be happy, for the universe is always on our side! The more time you dedicate to learning how to use the Law of Attraction effectively, the more fulfilling and rewarding your life can be. There are no restrictions; open your mind and enjoy the natural abundance of the Universe.

Living the Law of Attraction
Millions of people have now heard of The Secret , a theory which brings phrases like "positive thinking" and "the law of attraction" to everyday conversations. Although the The Secret is a fairly recent phenomenon, spiritual thinkers say they've been studying the concepts for years.

Acclaimed author Louise Hay is considered the mother of positive thinking. She is back to continue the conversation about the law of attraction, which is the basis of The Secret . "The law of attraction is that our thinking creates and brings to us whatever we think about," she says. "It's as though every time we think a thought, every time we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us."

Louise says negativity can keep you from obtaining the things you want in life. "We don't want to put ourselves down," she says. "We don't want to say, 'Oh, it will never work for me,' or 'I'm not good enough.' Because that's what the universe hears and returns to you."

Instead, Louise says you can transform your life by staying positive. "You have to start saying things that you feel really good about yourself. 'I love who I am. I love life. Life loves me. It's going to be smooth and easy. Life works for me.' And you just start doing that—it's planting seeds. You're not going to get it the first day, but you plant a seed and you water it and you continue the affirmations, and things start to shift and change in your life."

Author, life coach and O, The Oprah Magazine columnist Martha Beck says the law of attraction doesn't work at the snap of your fingers—at least not at first. "At the beginning, you have to be careful what level you are on in your consciousness when you're making your requests of the universe," she says. Martha says it's important that your thoughts are not coming from a negative place. "If you're in a fear-based place where you need and you want and you're going to die and everything's scary, none of your intentions or desires has much power."

People hoping to use the law of attraction are told to write lists of what they want to obtain, like a "love list." So why is it that some people still don't get what they want? Cheryl Richardson, life coach and author, explains that negative energy could be the cause. "I think sometimes it can be exactly what Martha said—that we're asking from a place of desperation," she says. "When you put desperate energy out into the world, you don't get back what it is you want."

Cheryl says the items on your list may not come to you right away. "I know that there's something called divine timing," she says. "Some of the most amazing things that have occurred to me in my life took longer to occur than I wanted because I needed to grow as a woman. I needed to evolve in some way."

For people who are more concerned about being able to pay their next bill than they are with the law of attraction, it's hard to think that keeping a positive attitude will change anything. Louise says that just hearing the ideas behind the law of attraction can help a person begin to make small changes in her life. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears," she says.

Martha says she noticed the law of attraction at work in an unlikely situation—while coaching homeless heroin addicts in Phoenix. Martha says they lived on the street because they couldn't afford apartments. "Then, I found out they were spending an average of $180,000 a year on heroin," she says. When Martha asked how they got the money for their addiction, she saw a change. "They would become completely different when they were talking about the one thing they believed was necessary. And as I've worked with them, I've seen that what they believe and expect is what they get."

Before Karen had ever heard of the law of attraction, she was going through a very frightening time in her life. "A year and a half ago, I thought I was having a heart attack, and I literally thought I was going to die," she says. "My heart was beating really fast. I had a burning sensation throughout my chest and into my stomach. My whole body went numb."

After that experience, Karen says she started having panic attacks and didn't leave her home. "I always felt like something bad was going to happen to me," she says. "I didn't leave the house for close to a month and a half. I had to have someone by my side at all times."

Karen says her healing began when she started reading about the law of attraction and began saying affirmations every day. "My two biggest ones are 'I feel safe' [and] 'I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself,'" she says. "I would say them over and over again, and I think that instead of just saying it, it became the essence of my life. It's what I believed in."

Louise says affirmations help the law of attraction work. "It smooths your mind so the universe can work out the answer."

Now, Karen says she is in a completely different place in her life. "Everything started to fall into place, and I became more positive," she says. "I started to love myself, and I stopped thinking with regrets."

In addition to affirmations, a vision board is a great way to visualize the positive things you want to bring into your life. When creating your vision board, Martha says you shouldn't expect a straightforward process. "I get in a really calm place. I go to my core of peace, and I taste what is delicious in the future. It could be something I've never heard of, or it could be just the essence of something. I'm not sure what it is. And then I go through magazines or on the Internet, and I find pictures of things that represent that to me. It could be the actual object or it could be something that has the same feeling."

Some of the things Martha put on her vision board were money, friends and spirituality. Martha says she also included pictures of people on the board—poets Mary Oliver and Maya Angelou, author Alice Walker and even Oprah! Martha says she wasn't looking to meet these people, but instead put them on her board because she admires their spirits.

Martha says you need to be careful that you really want what you put on your vision board. She says one day she pasted a picture of puppies on her board because she thought they were cute. "Now I have a yellow lab and a golden retriever," she says. "They need so much walking, it drives me nuts."

Joking aside, Martha says has received many of the things she hoped for on her vision board, including a visit to Africa. "I have to say, as I was putting it together to bring here, I realized that I have to add more because everything on this board has already happened," she says. "It happens so fast now I have to keep making new ones."

Since Cheryl made her vision board 15 years ago, she says much of what she's wanted has come true. At the time, Cheryl says she was looking for a partner—and now is married to a man who looks like the picture of the man on her vision board. Other than love, Cheryl says her vision board has also brought her success. "Phil Donahue was on here, and that's the first national show I ever did after I put him on the board," she says.

In the center of her board Cheryl has the word "God." She says a vision board shouldn't only be filled with material objects like fancy cars and expensive jewelry. "It's not just about getting things," she says. "It's a spiritual principle, which we've said a million times. But, yes, these work. And they're kind of cool to look at."

After welcoming the bounty of good things from your vision board, Louise says it's important to have proper gratitude for all you've received. This will keep those positive gifts coming. "The more grateful you are, the more you get to be grateful about. It's that simple," she says. "The universe really loves gratitude. And the more gratitude you have, the more goodies you get."

When should you show this gratitude? "Morning, noon and night," Louise says. "Be grateful when you look in the mirror at your own face. 'I love you. I'm so grateful.'"

"What God loves most is appreciation," Oprah says. "So when you show appreciation, you get appreciated."

Wendy says long before she had heard of the "law of attraction" or The Secret, she knew she could change her life by picturing exactly what she wanted. "No one has ever taught me this," she says. "I have just known that in my soul. It's so awesome because it's not something that we have to go get somewhere. It's something we all have within us."

After years of bad relationships with men, Wendy says she decided to focus attention on herself. "I deserved something better," she says. "I was not going to waste my time anymore. And the moment I made that really clear decision, I met the greatest man I've ever known in my life."

Cheryl says though everyone wants good relationships, bad relationships don't have to be all bad. "The gift of the bad relationship is you get very clear [about] what you don't want anymore," she says.

While Wendy found what she was looking for almost immediately, Cheryl and Louise describe finding things they were looking in stages or in waves.

"You're always being steered." Martha says. "If I start to go the wrong way for myself, my body starts to hurt and I know immediately [to] pay attention."

It's easy to feel gratitude when good things happen…but what about dealing with a devastating blow? Denise says she was once a very positive person with what seemed like a charmed life. "A supermom, a wife, beautiful boys, a nice home," she says. "Just a really good, good life."

When her son was diagnosed with cancer, she says everything changed. After about a year and a half of fighting the disease, he died at age 18. Shortly after that, Denise's husband left. "He wasn't happy, and he wanted to start his life over and felt it was too much pain," she says. "When he left, just everything crumbled. And it's surreal. You just almost can't believe that it's actually happening. I felt like I was just waking up from a nightmare."

Denise says her despair was so bad that she was on the verge of suicide. "I literally had his pain medication, a bunch of pills, in my hand," she says.

Then, Denise says she felt the pills being knocked from her hand and heard the words of her late son in her head. "He said, 'Mom, I was here as a gift for you, and you have to go on with your life,'" she says. "I felt his presence around me—that warmth, that comforting feeling of someone standing with you."

Denise says dealing with the twin blows of her son dying and her husband leaving left her with so much pain and so many questions. "It's hard to see that you can do something more with your life. You think God doesn't love you, and why are you going through all these things?"

While watching the movie You Can Heal Your Own Life, based on Louise's book, Denise says she found herself relating to the main character—a woman who was completely withdrawn from the world. "I saw her and I thought, 'Oh, my God. That's me,'" she says.

The film made her realize that she needed to forgive her husband, which she did on his birthday. "I said, 'Good morning. I just want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you're having a beautiful life because I know I am. And I know I'm on that path,'" she says. "It was like a weight lifted from me."

Louise says Denise should prepare herself to live again. "You have no idea what's in store for you," she says. "The most wonderful adventures are coming."
Susan from the audience asks for clarification on the difference between an intention and a wish or dream.

Cheryl says the biggest difference between the two is how they originate. "A wish is often coming from what isn't working in your life. Like, 'I wish I would win the lottery because I'm in debt. I wish I would meet a partner because I'm lonely and I don't feel comfortable living alone.'"

"An intention is a soul goal, not a head goal," she says. "My prayer is always, 'If this is in the highest and best interest for me and those around me, then please allow it to happen.' And that sort of is a humble way of saying it's not just about me and what my head thinks because I'm a physical being and I'm having a physical experience. It is also about me and this greater energy, this greater creative force, and that's where an intention is set from."

Martha says she has an even simpler way of knowing whether something is a wish or an intention. "What I found is that if you really want something, it makes you feel physically stronger," she says. "And if you think you want it but you don't really want it, it makes you feel physically weaker."

One thing many parents wonder is how they can raise children to grow up living with of the law of attraction.

Twelve-year-old Dominique and 9-year-old Brittany are sisters already are! They've even created their own vision boards. "The law of attraction is a way of life. The way you think. The way you react to situations," Dominique says. "If you're a positive person, you get positive results. If you're a negative person, you get negative results."

"On my vision board are some of my long-term goals," Brittany says. She's included things like becoming a fashion designer, visiting the Great Wall of China and meeting Johnny Depp.

Dominique says the law of attraction is good for more than just long-term goals. "During school, I try to keep a positive attitude with my friends," she says. "Because I notice that if I'm negative, then I'll attract negative things and negative people during the day. So I try to keep a positive attitude."

Dominique's vision board includes places she would like to go in her life, like Rome and England, and people she wants to meet, like the Dalai Lama. One of her vision board goals just came true…she wanted to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show!

Whether you have been perusing the self-help or personal development section of the book store, been around people who are looking for personal success or whether you are part of or know of people in spiritual circles, The Secret or Law of Attraction is a big topic and has been for years. Some of us know a lot about it, some a little, for some of us it works and for some it “doesn’t,” either way, this article will explore a bit about The Secret or Law of Attraction and will touch on some key factors we are often not told about it.

What Is It?
For simplicity sake, I’m going to use the abbreviation LOA throughout the article when I’m speaking about the Secret or The Law of Attraction. Simply put, the LOA is said to be a universal law that states every person has the ability to attract things into their life with their thoughts and intentions. If someone is thinking and believing negative things all the time, they will attract them into their experience. If someone is thinking positive things all the time, they will attract that into their experience. In theory someone could also use the LOA to attract situations, experiences and material objects into their lives.

Made most popular by books like The Secret and Ask & It Is Given, the LOA has grabbed the attention of many and for good reason, it can work very well and even when viewed scientifically, there is some interesting stuff to back it up. When you note the fact that everything is energy and that our thoughts and consciousness do impact and create reality, as quantum physics has shown, making the leap that we can attract what we want isn’t too difficult to assert.

The Methods
Without going into huge detail, the methods are rather simple. One uses their thoughts and intentions to attract things they want. You can use affirmations, vision boards, words and so on to set out what you are looking to obtain and you go from there. In more day-to-day applications, one might watch what they say and avoid negative words, self-defeating words or attitudes and instead replace it with more positive and affirming statements and attitudes.

The theory behind some of the affirmations and vision boards is that the more you say something or see something, the more it imposes itself into your subconscious where it begins to create the reality.

Many have reported these methods to work often and many have claimed that they do not work at all. In any case, there can be a number of factors involved as to why it might work or not work, but most books don’t go too far into covering this and often times the whole subject of LOA has become a cliche.

What We’re Often Not Told About The LOA
I’ve personally seen some interesting results when I have practiced the LOA.   Some of my friends would say that the LOA failed at times for me and other times it succeeded, but the way I see it is that it was successful every time. Why do I see it this way? Because I believe there are other factors involved in the LOA that we often don’t realize because we get too caught up in creating from our minds and ego desires. Simply, we are missing the bigger picture.

Right away I can hear the questions, “how do we know what an ego desire is or not?!” We will get to that shortly. Drawing from personal experience, I have used the LOA and was able to attract what I wanted into my life, but there were other times it didn’t come into being. Why? Simply because there is a larger factor at play – YOU have a say in determining whether or not a specific reality might play out for you. But when we are engaged in mental and ego desires, we often don’t see the perfect reason as to why we didn’t bring about what “we” wanted.

Each of us is on our own unique journey and we, in some way, have a path we are on for our own individual growth and experience. At a deeper level, often called a soul level, we are choosing aspects of our journey so we can learn what we set out to learn in each lifetime here. So how could this interact with the LOA?

In a simple example, let’s say you wanted to attract a certain experience into your life, say becoming really rich, but you, at the soul beyond the mind, had a journey set out for yourself where you would learn to detach from money and that money does not define who you are nor your level of success in life. Then, no matter how hard you might try to attract this into your life, you would notice it not playing out simply because there is a bigger lesson you are trying to learn. You can’t use your mental creative powers to dictate your life as intensely as your own bigger picture that your true self sees.

Think about it. How many times have you had a situation happen in life that you didn’t like at the beginning only to find out a few days, weeks, months or years later that you grew and learned so much from it? Guess what, you attracted this experience but in a way that we often don’t understand. It’s not as though we sat there and said “Oh yay let’s have this “crap” come into my life!” It was more so that at a deeper energetic level we knew we could grow from it.

Another Personal Anecdote
Before creating CE I was working in finance for a short period of time. I was using the LOA to attract money into my life so I could one day impact the world and become rich within a certain company. I had several deals on the table that were all on the edge of closing and making me a very large sum of money, but suddenly they all fell through. At the time it seemed like a pain in the ass that this would happen, but my soul and life had a very different path. I ended up leaving finance very shortly after as my personal journey was unfolding quickly. CE got started and this became what I do full-time. Now I have money I require to live and we are able to do projects we need to do to make an impact but its all coming through a very different avenue than in my past.

What did I take from this? Why did I not attract the money even though it was for the “higher good?” Simply because there was A LOT I needed to learn first and looking back at it all, it was very clear as to why none of it played out that way. I learned so much about my perception of money, my own internal belief systems and self-worth etc. It wasn’t that the LOA did not or does not work, but rather I was looking to create something specific and I just needed to learn a few things first. After all, it all came into place but through different avenues. If I didn’t take the signs and hints and change life paths, I would have potentially missed out on my journey with CE.

A Few Other Key Notes
When we are using the LOA, we are often very attached to a certain outcome. Again, this can often be a great time for us to inadvertently create a whole different experience simply so we can move beyond the attachments that we create at the mind level. It’s the LOA working in ways our minds often don’t want to admit.

Another key thing to realize is that when we are detached, looking to do something in line with our path, often times having a strong belief in what we wish to create makes a big difference. So often we go on using the LOA but from a half effort, partial doubting state of mind where we aren’t really tapping into our true creative ability.

Bottom line, we are energy beings living in an energy based world, of course the LOA will have an impact on our reality, it’s just about seeing the bigger picture, removing doubt and utilizing from the clearest state of intention as possible.

9 Habits To Manifest Your Dreams Using The Law Of Attraction
We are powerful manifesting machines, but since we have 50 to 70 THOUSAND unconscious thoughts per day, of which about 80% are NEGATIVE we're not always manifesting wonders!

While it's true that the first step to using the law of attraction is shifting to more positive way of thinking, the reason people give up working with LOA is that they believe that if they start thinking positive thoughts, then all their dreams will manifest.

The law of attraction is not a magic wand. Because the brain preferentially scans and stores negative experiences, we have to consciously, habitually build the positive mental muscle. We all have layers and layers of stories, limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that have become the interior landscape of our minds and cannot be changed overnight just by thinking positive thoughts.

In order to become a master at manifesting with the law of attraction, we have to undo the patterns that have been stored in our unconscious and replace them with positive, empowering patterns. In other words, rewire the brain.

It may sound complicated, but it's not.

By implementing daily positive practices in our lives, we will shift and raise our energetic vibration so that we can manifest from a place of calm, inspired action yielding faster results. If you get into the habit of using tools that will insert empowering and positive thoughts into your mind, you'll be poised to produce good experiences and results!

Here are nine habits you can implement in your daily life right now to start activating manifesting energy:
1. Note what you focus on.
Start by paying attention to what you focus on. Do you pay attention to what's going right, or what's going wrong? When you're working on manifesting your dreams, obstacles and challenges will arise, but when you focus on what's right, you become an incredible problem-solver, which builds confidence and quickly raises your energetic vibration. You will move through obstacles quicker.

2. Keep a worry list.
Since the brain is Velcro for negative experiences, it is natural that we worry so much. It's just the brain's tendency. Keep a worry list for 2 weeks. The minute you start to worry write it down. This not only helps release the heavy energy that often keeps us stuck, but at the end of 2 weeks you will notice none of the worries were warranted. Your brain will have proof that worry is a waste of energy.

3. Practice diaphragmatic breathing.
Breathe from the belly, not the chest. This type of breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-and-digest), which helps produce a sense of relaxation and contentment and allows us to be calm and clear when taking inspired action.

4. Quiet the monkey mind with meditation.
Meditation quiets the monkey mind, which is naturally biased toward negativity. Meditating does NOT mean you stop thinking. It simply means the grip around your thoughts softens. Meditation helps us withdraw attention from stressful, negative patterns we've created over time.

5. Move your body in whatever way feels good to you.
Negative emotions get stored in our bodies on a cellular level. Moving is one way to release stress and negative energy. It doesn't have to be intense; you can dance, practice yoga or go for a walk.

6. Keep a gratitude journal.
Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to raise our vibration. When we recognize our great fortune and appreciate all our blessings, it automatically puts us in a "feel-good" energetic vibration.

7. Write down your goals and connect to your "why."
Writing your goals will not only help you get clear, but will help you create inspired action steps toward your dreams. Connecting to your "why" means connecting to the feeling that achieving the goal will give you. When we connect to the "why," we raise our vibration and become magnets for attracting the people, circumstances, etc. that will help us achieve our goal.

8. Visualize what it will look like when you achieve your dreams.
Read your written goals first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night; then take five minutes to visualize and connect with the feeling of achieving your dreams. Get it into your subconscious mind!

9. Feel like you already have what you want.
Be like a kid who allows no impossibility to enter her manifesting realm. "Feeling" helps us release any doubt and negative energy. It generates excitement and positive feelings, which support us to take inspired action! So go test drive that car you want, or feel what it will be like to have the perfect partner in your life, because feeling is believing!

Whether you subscribe to what some call "airy fairy-ness" law of attraction principles or not, implementing these habits can only make you feel better, improve your mood AND your brain waves, so why not give it a shot?

How Positive Thinking Really Can Change Your Life
Ever notice that when you're feeling crappy, the whole world seems hostile and unfair? (“That guy totally cut me off! Screw him!“) But when you’re in a good mood, the whole world appears friendly and wonderful, and nothing can bring you down? (“Sure, go ahead, you must be in a hurry!“)

Here’s the truth: The world is no different on those days. You are different.

It all comes down to something called the Law of Attraction, a theory popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 book The Secret (and, well, Oprah). Basically, it says: “What we think about, we bring about.” It’s the idea that we can attract anything we want into our lives by visualizing our desired results, using affirmations, expecting good things to happen, being appreciative, and taking inspired action.

If you’re seeing visions of Tarot cards, healing crystals, and incense, bear with me! I'll admit that this “law” may sound New Age-y and mystical, but there are actually specific, concrete steps we can take in order to bring positive results into our lives. Consider this the practical guide to The Law of Attraction.

How You Think Determines How You Feel
The most critical thing to understand is that your thoughts matter. Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, and your actions create your life. They’re all interconnected, no exceptions.

Think about this way: If you’re an athlete running onto the field or a corporate professional about to present to a team of people, which thoughts do you imagine will produce a better outcome? “I’m not ready for this! I just want to get this over with!” Or: “I’ve been preparing for this, and my moment to shine is here. Bring it!”

The No. 1 thing you can do: Focus on thoughts that make you feel empowered, confident, and capable. How you think in any moment determines how you feel and act in any situation—on a first date, in a job interview, or when you take on any new challenge. Follow these six tips to start activating the right thoughts, right now.

6 Steps to Attract What You Want
1. Clarify your desires.
It doesn’t need to be January 1 to write down your goals. You can start today. Ask yourself: By this time next year, what would you have liked to achieve? Find one hour and some peace and quiet, and have fun with this exercise. Your goal could be “earn 20 percent more,” “visit a country I’ve never been to,” or “start my food blog and reach 1,000 followers.” The more specific you can be, the better. Review these goals often and see how they cause an immediate shift in how you feel. Allow this to propel you forward to action.

2. Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude.”
Next time you can’t sleep, have to wait in a long line, or find your mind wandering toward thoughts about your ex or unfair boss, use that as a trigger to create a mental list of things you're thankful for—include the little things! See if you can get to 100. Yes, 100!

Some of my recent gratitude nuggets include an unexpected text from an old friend, skinny margaritas, a really committed new client, thrift shopping, inspirational podcasts, funny things my nephews say, the Whole Foods pizza bar, fall fashion to look forward to, having only a one-minute wait for the subway, and my husband’s never-failing sense of humor. Even writing them down now gives me a boost!

Gratitude unlocks our positive vibes through the improved filter it gives us on the world. This filter allows us to see how good things really are and opens up our mind to possibility. Trust me—if you want to be happier, this will be way more useful than wasting time thinking about people who don’t deserve your precious energy.

3. Observe your self-talk.
How you talk to yourself is important because you are the one listening. The mistake a lot of us make is that we focus on what we don’t want. Instead of saying, “I’m tired of being sick,” say, “I’m glad to feel better each day.” Rather than dwell on your crappy salary, say, “I am open to new opportunities to make money.” Notice how they feel different? If you do this consistently, you’ll attract different results too.

Create five new statements that make sense for you. If you're going through a rough breakup, it might be, "I love myself. I approve of myself.” If you're struggling to lose weight, try ”I love my healthy body and I treat it that way. I feel good about myself.” If you are struggling with your job, repeat, “New work opportunities are on the way.”

These become your affirmations. Repeat them every morning. Save them as random alarms on your phone to appear throughout the day. Say them just as you are falling asleep at night.

4. Focus on the good.
Annoyed with your S.O.? Rather than dwell on how they're always late or grumpy in the mornings, think about what they do well. Do they get along with your parents or cook an amazing Sunday brunch? Focus on those qualities instead.

Instead of feeling irritated by your boss's micromanaging, remember he's cool with you working from home or how he gave you increased responsibilities this year. When you focus on the good, you welcome more good. Try focusing on only the positive and be vocal about it for 24 hours. See how people respond!

5. Visualize your dreams.
Dying to visit Croatia? Get stronger through a new workout? Fall in love by the end of the year? With Pinterest at your disposal, you can create a virtual vision board (in minutes!) of images that motivate and inspire you. Allow yourself to feel moved by the images and be open to including ones that stir some unexpected interest in you.

I host vision board events where people are often surprised by what comes up for them. (One woman, newly married, said, “This is going to be a baby board!” To the contrary, she left with a vision board filled with images of Morocco, Asia, bustling markets, and exotic-looking islands. She wanted to travel and explore, not to settle down as a mom just yet.)

Images enable us to activate our true longings, not what we think we “should want.” In this respect it can also help you pinpoint your goals. Remember to look at your vision board often and add to it. As with your goals, let the images remind you about what matters to you and to fuel your energy and passion for making it happen.

6. Get busy!
All of the above should lead you to a place of inspiration—the “real” you that's guided by your intuition (not by external influences or incessant mental chatter). When you're clear about your desires, talk to yourself in an empowering way, focus on what’s working in your life, and visualize what you want, you can’t help but feel moved to take action. And that's the final step in achieving what you desire.

You’ll send an email to that person you’d love to work for. You’ll think of new ways to meet prospective dates. You’ll research chefs who inspire you to start your blog. You’ll notice a new barre studio near your apartment that you hadn’t seen before. Make a commitment to take one action every single day that will drive you towards your goals and vision. By this time next year, you’ll be amazed how those 365 actions add up.

The Takeaway

The world does not change, you change. Only you can allow the flow of opportunity into your life. Only you can remove the negative blocks in your mind that prevent you from getting what you want. It’s all up to you, my friend. That is the real, awesome, beautiful secret!

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